Welcome dear sister. Think of this as activating a portal; a portal that shall support your becoming. An act of devotion, a commitment to honor the sacred calling that has brought you to this entryway.
Sacred Circle Mastery is a 10-month priestessmind for the badass, soulful, feminine leader. Sacred Circle Mastery invites awakened women to deepen into the impact of circle work and connect with a sisterhood of bold changemakers. 

In this 10-month priestessmind, you get to fully come to understand sacred circle as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine in a way that challenges you to rise up and create change on a global level. Are you feeling called to burn it all down and prepare for a rebirth of your business (and yourself) with a tribe of women ready to witness your liberation? 

Step into your place as a BOLD, soulful feminine leader who creates great impact in the world through your gifts while honoring the sacred ancient medicine of circle.

No longer are you willing to play small and be unheard, but rather, stand in your own potency and expand your business in service of the greater collective.

(There is no financial commitment to applying for Sacred Circle Mastery. Upon completion of your application, Sora will schedule a circle call with you so together you can drop in to see if this feels in alignment.)
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In honor of sisterhood, our time together in sacred space to drop in and navigate your questions, your feelings, and your decision will happen in sisterhood. Join yourself and a small group of other interested women in discerning if Sacred Circle Mastery is part of your path.

Please note if none of the times work for you, choose "other" and share with us some available times. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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